Monday, August 31, 2015

Serpentine Checkmate

Prone against his cobbled earth
scents of wood smoke
gas giants hang loftily,
still against icy wind.

Vibrations rouse my status
as orbs meet sacred Crescent
vaporizing, and the invading light
slithers in for the fiery morn.

Beyond reproach in the demon's burn
the forked venom doth lie
between the pale of undulating scales
and the gravity defying skies

Strike fast in fine heavenly air
sting and bite my honeysuckled dawn
just to be gulled before luna hibernis 
under the glow by which he conceals his pawn

  © DNKG Serpentine Checkmate

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

L'ultima Bruciatura - The Final Burn

La poesia 2 de 3...

L’ultima Bruciatura

Ci sono momenti, in cui può solo rimanere quiescente

Sotto il manto delle tenebre che mette a tacere la boscaglia.

In altri, il bocciolo arriva troppo presto per sbocciare

Spuntando frettolosamente per il pellegrinaggio solitario nel gelo della notte.

La sua voce è in attesa, gorgoglia come un ruscello che scorre tra rocce calcaree.

Una placida energia vitale che pulsa constantemente.

Anelando, scongela il ghiaccio che le ferma le labbra

e rompe le catene della tempesta invernale, ora paladina della riforma.

2015 DNKG L’ultima Bruciatura

Traduzione in Inglese

The Final Burn

There are times, that all she can do is lie dormant

‘neath the carpeted bleakness that silences the thicket.

And other times the bud come too early to bloom

Rising hastily for her lone sojourn across frozen night.

Her voice lies in wait gurgling like the brook under the deep shale;

 A placid life force, which beats steadily.

In her hunger, she thaws the ice engulfing her lips

Burning the shackles of her winter storm,

Now a champion of reform.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Coronas and Chianti

Epochs of biting memories
erased in this solo embrace.
A primal pinch arouses, "Let's
take it beyond or shall we play?"

Unafraid to swim in the depths
to push beyond the former.
The obstructed window offers no view.
Exist HERE, in my Carnality.

The shades of your body
tell the story of our perverted love.
Us: Intertwined, your hands lost
in me, crowning me your jewel.

Scents long forgotten bitten awake
Linger and waft -taste my poison.
Transcend. And lips echo the sweet
lyrics that hug spaces I only know.

 © 2015 DNKG Coronas and Chianti